This website offers a free service in order to increase in concrete way PageRank (PR) of your website and to improve the positioning on the search engines; in fact, to the contrary of a normal exchange link, in which the Pagerank of the page comes divided for all links outgoing presents in the same one, with the method proposed here, the Pagerank you will receive will be that of this page scaled of an unit, and you will receive it for entire, without subdivisions! As an example, if this page have PageRank 3, the thematic page with your description and the link of your website will have, consequently, PageRank 2, ALL FOR YOU!!! ^____^

For which, greater it will be the PageRank of this website, greater will be the PageRank that will come assigned to you. Moreover, thanks to the fact that your thematic page will come linked from this HomePage (than do not belong to your dominion), will get you also the benefits of one better indexing from all the search engines.

In exchange for such service, I ask you to insert in your webspace one thematic page with the description and the link of this website and link it from your HomePage, so as to draw both the benefits of such exchange. For ulterior clarifications, details and info about registration to the service, read the Terms of Agreement.


Firefox Download, first site enrolled to Link Exchange Corner, have a thematic page that have PR 2 with only your index URL. You can see the thematic page here.

In order to proceed with the sign up you need to read the Terms of Agreement(you can find all information about sign up here). The lacked respect of the terms, also in part, will carry to the exclusion of yourwebsite from the service without warning.

If you have already inserted the thematic page of Link Exchange Corner on your web space and you have linked it from your HomePage, submit your website info using this form:





I will insert your thematic page as soon as i see your website info submitted using the form and my thematic page on your website at www.yoursite.com/linkexchange.html.

If you have any question or doubt about something feel free to send me an e-mail at linkexchangecorner@yahoo.it.

NB: your email address will come only used in order to communicate the happened registration of your website to the service or in order to signal eventual new services to you offers from this this website, and in no case it will come transmitted to thirds party.

Whatever it is you can get it on eBay!


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